Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Assignment 11: interviews

So for the three videos I plan to incorporate interviews into each. I have given it some thought and I believe for the first video on which I am discussing the dietary changes that I have made since being in France that obviously I myself will talk, but I also plan to ask my classmates what they made for dinner that night (and maybe some other nights) and use the responses to justify that they eat less meat and so many more carbs in France than in the United States. I would like to conduct these interviews in everyone's rooms while they are preparing dinner. I feel like that would help set the stage. I have also taken pictures of many of my meals and the grocery stores and I plan to continue doing that.
As for the video on Marketing in France, I am actually taking an international marketing course while I am here, so ultimately I would like to interview my professor and get his take on French marketing. I would ask questions like the popularity of marketing, what jobs are available, is it a predominate major at universities, what companies utilize marketing the most etc. I also have a friend here who does international marketing in Spain, so I might interview him as well and get his take since he is a young person involved in marketing.
For the video on my social issue regarding dog poop and how it distracts from the city and makes it a less desirable place, I plan to interview my friend Jo. Jo has already graduated college in the UK and is looking for a job in France. After living in Vichy, she refuses to search for a job here. I also ideally would love to interview a dog owner and of course some more citizens, but I need to practice my French some more for that one.
I am excited to start the interview process and begin creating my final projects!

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