Tuesday, March 1, 2011

some photos from Clermont-Ferrand

 this is my residence in Vichy, France. I love how its so modern and it juxtopes with the old charm of Vichy.

 This is a church (not the cathedral) in Clermont-Ferrand

 Side of the Cathedral. I loved how you can change angles and the photos are so unique

 this is a zoomed in photo of the top of the cathedral

 the alter of the cathedral

 spanish influence in Clermont-Ferrand


 Cathedral! So gorgeous! I love this picture!

 This is actually the ceiling inside the cathedral. I changed the ISO levels so it would take a sharper image! It turned out so cool!

 stormy sky with the sunset. So pretty!

I wish I could post more, but I love to mix between horizonal and vertical and play with zooms and ISO levels. The video we had to watch gave me some great ideas!

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