Monday, March 14, 2011

Final Videos: the beginning

So for the final project of my online course through Clemson I have to shoot and present 3 videos on my experiences in France.
The first video has to be related to my personal experience here in France. Since I literally take a picture of almost everything I eat, I think I might make this video about the differences in the food, essentially stealing from "Eat, Pray, Love" and "eat my way through France." Talk about the high carb diet of the French, and the little meat that is consumed, and how that in turn has affected my diet and moods.
 The second video is on how our desired career path is portrayed in the host culture. This is an easy one, considering I am a marketing major, marketing, advertising, and sales are everywhere! I plan on interviewing my marketing professor here in France and get her take on marketing in France.
The third video is on public issues. From my first week here, I have known what I was going to do this video on. Poop. Yes that is right, I plan on discussing the amount of dog poop that litters the streets and how that affects the look of the city and the residents. I am not talking about the poop in the grass, although there is a lot of that as well, dogs literally just plop down in the middle of the sidewalks. It's gross and displays and utter lack of respect by the owners for the other people that are walking. What is worse is when there is a box of dog bags right beside it. If this occurred in America people would be in an uproar. On a given day walking to my University (about a 7 minute walk) I probably have to dodge a good 6 or 7 poops. It drives me crazy! So my third video will be on poop.
I cannot believe I have been here a month already and that final videos are starting to loom in the future! Eek!

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  1. interesting ideas - if you can make a compelling social issues piece about "poop," then you will ave succeeded on a grad scale! I can't wait to see your work..