Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tropos of Digital Photography (assignment 8)

For my assignment this past week, I was asked to evaluate the "tropos" of my previously posted photos.  Tropos are things such as the reasoning behind the picture, the angle, what is included and excluded from the frame, what is in the foreground and the background etc. Basically it's taking the picture and deepening the meaning and direction behind it.

In the photo below I chose the angle because it made the architectural details of the side of the cathedral stand out. I liked the way it added depth to the photo. I also chose this because you can see the wear of the weather. It also makes you stop and almost have to take a second glance. Your mind doesn't immediately recognize what it is, so it makes you think and maybe see the picture instead of just browsing over it.

I also chose this picture to take not of the foreground and background. Immediately your eye is drawn to the foreground where you see the (insert smart knowledge of what this is actually called) Also in the foreground are the pillars and columns that make up the interior of the cathedral. But if you take time to really look at the photo, you will see the alter as well as the people walking in front of the alter. 
I feel that by not just taking what I would call your "typical" picture over and over again, you allow those looking at your pictures to explore deeper into the origin and reasoning behind them. It creates more of a story by capturing different angles and weird objects. It plays with the eyes and therefore entertains more than the average photo. 

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