Saturday, March 19, 2011

Assignment 10:Tropos of digital videography

Well, I did not realize that I have literally posted zero videos on my blog, and since I am in the process of shooting and editing final projects I am going to post a video I found on my town in France, Vichy. Some background before you watch: Vichy was the capital of the Pro-Nazi government of France during WWII. While there is zero to little evidence of this "ugly side" of Vichy, that is what comes to most people's minds when mentioning the town. Vichy also was and still is a spa resort town. The natural "healing" waters of Vichy are world renowned and people come from all over the world to bathe and drink their ailments away. There are of course different springs that heal different ailments, but let me be the first to tell you the water tastes absolutely disgusting! There is an area where you have to have a prescription for this water, because too much can do more harm than good. But apparently it really works (or so I have been told) It is definitely an interesting theory!

Now I know that the narrator speaks in a monotone and is somewhat boring, but his information is accurate and extremely interesting! Now to discuss the tropos of this video. Obviously choosing the subject had to do with explaining the history behind my beautiful Vichy. This man does "revists" of French cities, and since Vichy is rich in history and culture, it was an easy choice for one of his documentations. I enjoyed that there seemed to be no bias in any way towards or against Vichy, he very accurately explained the role of in the war, but also the luxury experienced here. My only complaint is that he kept saying things that led the audience to believe that Vichy no longer thrives on luxury, and although Vichy is very small and very old, there are still some luxurious elements, and the spa resorts are still thriving. Also by including the old photos, the narrator was able to place in our minds the picture of what he was describing. Although a video reel of Vichy would have been nice, he did a good job using the photos to illustrate his points. His use of zoom on certain part of the pictures helped capture the drama and the depth in the photograph, again telling the story he wanted to tell. 

If it ever gets sunny again here, I will go take photos of the places you saw in the video and you can see for yourself the way things have changed and remained the same. Have a wonderful weekend all!

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