Thursday, January 27, 2011

3 weeks until I go to FRANCE!

just sharing my excitement :)

Cultural Literacies

I pride myself on being an avid reader, I always have been and I probably always will be. However, I will admit that I wouldn't describe the books I read as "diverse" or even "culturious." After reading E.D. Hirsch's excerpt, I found myself questioning whether or not that played a role in my ability to learn and be knowledgeable. I do agree that knowledge builds upon itself, and those who have knowledge (especially in specific areas) are able to more quickly grasp new concepts and ideas. I see that all around me in classes. Take Economics for example; never in my life had I taken any course that related to economics, yet as a business major I am required to take it. Needless to say, I struggled, I mean reallyyyyy struggled, especially first semester of Econ 211. I sat next to a boy who had taken econ in high school and he had no problems with the class. I barely passed, but moving on into Econ 212, it was soooo much easier! And it was because I already knew the general concepts. (I know that was a bit of a rabbit trail so back to the point) E.D. Hirsch definitely captured my attention in his statements correlating knowledge and reading. After watching the videos, I realized that I honestly know nothing about the culture I am about to enter. I saw the importance of knowing and understanding different customs and traditions, and I feel after finishing this blog, I will probably google French culture and see what I can understand before I leave in three weeks. Understanding cultures builds knowledge, and knowledge is power. I have been given a gift in the opportunity to study abroad, and I intend to make the most of it...and it can all start by being "culturious."

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Okay so I did the picture post incorrectly so once again here is my original photo (it is of course of Clemson's death valley :)

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

technology and me

Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. It is basically my life. It is a little ridiculous the amount of time I spend on it, and the importance it has in my every day routine. But, that is just me. I have had my facebook since 2006 and was the third person at my high school to have one (a fact I am very proud of, although it just shows my obsession) I love being able to interact with my friends and family, I am a self proclaimed "creeper" in that I will spend hours looking at pictures and comments on friend's pages. I believe that what one puts on facebook can tell a lot about him, so I enjoy getting to know people better through their pages. I really enjoy meeting new people and then finding them on facebook and getting to know them better, and being able to communicate. I feel that while personal interaction is the best way to evolve a realtionship, that facebook opens doors that might otherwise be closed. I personally utilize uploading photos, writing on walls, chat, messaging, poking (yes i still do that), events...basically all the basic functions of facebook. I was NOT a farmville user and I do not play games through facebook. Recently I did finally get a twitter account, but I just don't enjoy it as much. So I tweet and I facebook, and those are my online communities!

Friday, January 14, 2011

new beginnings

Never in my life have I had a blog, but I have many friends who do. So when I was presented with the opportunity to take a class that involved me blogging about my experiences in a different culture, I decided this was probably better than writing a ten page paper. I find it fun and exciting to be able to talk about my experiences abroad in a place where not only my class and professor can read, but also my friends and family. (My mother is loving that I am taking this class!) It definitely took me awhile to get the hang of this whole "blogger world,"and I am sure my page will be changing as I learn new things, or figure out what I am actually doing, but that is part of the fun right? I have exactly a month until I leave for Vichy, France and I am both nervous and excited! Hopefully I will learn how to adequately use my blog by then!