Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finally!!! Internet and working posts!!! assignment 12

Facebook. Now I thought I was bad at being addicted to facebook, but man do the French students surpass me! I walk into the library to print off papers, there are probably 30 computers and not only will they most likely all be full but I can guarantee at least 90% of the people in there are on facebook. There is this one student that I see every time I go in there, sitting at the same computer...on facebook. I honestly question whether he ever leaves. Facebook is the social media of choice in France (as it is in America.) Facebook is convenient, accessible, easy to use, and social. It attracts users and retains them by offering options for communication and photos. Having met so many students from many nationalities during my time here, I am thankful for the social outlet of facebook to be able to maintain these relations when we all return. 

Another media outlet used often is the radio. Surprisingly the songs are predominately in English (for instance this is an extremely popular song here, I am talking 4-5 times a day I hear it Sun is Up ), however advertising on radio stations is more relevant than on television. Especially now that tv shows are recorded and then played back skipping ads all together. Advertisements are also found in the form of songs as well. "Funny Bear" is a childrens song used to advertise gummy bears, and it is also used for beginner French students. However I question it 1) because in the video the gummy bear's ear is bitten off and his pants are falling off and 2) the lyrics translate as followed
je m'appelle funny bear
je mappelle funny bear 
je m'appelle funny funny funny funny funny bear
J'ai un p'tit ventre mou et un slip kangourou
je suis pas comme les autres tout doux moi je suis un p'tit loup
literally means...
My name is funny bear
My name is funny bear
My name is funny funny funny funny funny bear
I have a little soft belly and kangaroo briefs
I'm not like any other sweet I'm a little wolf

Please watch the video...Funny Bear Creepy and a little disturbing right? Yeah! And this is what French children watch! Such a weird media outlet! 

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