Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Outline for Videos

Personal Video: My French Diet
I plan on starting out with photos of the typical American style diet, meat, vegetables etc then I am going to show the photos I have been taking of my meals here, which are all predominately pasta and bread.  I also have researched the specialties of my region in france. I have also gone and interviewed a restaurant owner here and I plan to put some of that in my video.  Then I video interviewed a lot of the other students here as they are making dinner, and how it changes from being back home. Then if need more time or more depth, I will talk about the lack of meat offered and how grocery stores mark up meat prices and how it compares to the pasta.
Marketing video
I am going to interview my friend Carlos who markets his family’s hotel in Spain, and what all that entitles. I am also going to show pictures from advertisements here and how in France they advertise more in public transportation areas than on television and on billboards. This is the video I have least developed, but I have some ideas that hopefully I can pull together. And I am hoping my interview with Carlos will spark some new ideas.
Social Video: Poop
I am really excited about this one! I plan on starting the video will footage I took while in Paris (playing nice sweet music) , and then I am going to flash photos of the dog poop I have taken (with ominous music.) Then I am going to talk about which place you would rather live. I have interview a student who is from the UK and she is looking for a job in France. She originally was going to try to get something in Vichy while she was here, but now has decided to look elsewhere because it is so dirty. I am going to talk about tourism in Vichy and how it is down, and how I feel it is because of the lack of respect by the residents for the city. I have some really great pictures that are perfect so I am going to use those as well!  Hopefully it will all come together the way I want!

I am one of those people that has ideas and becomes creative when I am working, so we will see what happens!

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