Thursday, April 21, 2011

drum roll please.....

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present you with my FINAL VIDEOS!!!!!
This video is about my change in eating habits while in France to adapt to the change in culture. 
In this video I interview my friend Carlos, who does marketing for his family's hotel in Spain, about marketing in Europe.
After talking this video up for awhile now, I hope you will be able to see the way the excessive dog poop is interfering with the beauty of Vichy.

I am so thankful not only to have these done, but also to have been pushed to search deeper and take a more intensive look into the culture of France. It has been a privilege learning this culture and blogging about my experiences. I am now off on Spring Break...Milan, Florence, Venice, Verona, Prague, Budapest, Salzburg and Berlin here I come!!

Bon Voyage!

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